When the company was originally founded by Réal Poirier (current president), the team was made up of a devoted wife, a courageous man that was passionate about transportation and a single truck.



Mr. Poirier acquired a second truck in reply to ever-growing demand. That same year, the Poirier family involvement increased. Including the active involvement of Mr. Poirier’s wife, Transport Réal Poirier can now count on Mr. Poirier’s brother, Guy, who is sub-contracted with his own truck.



A few years later, Christian Poirier, Réal’s son, shows a particular interest in transportation services. He climbs the corporate ladder as a truck washer, a mechanic, a driver and then dispatcher. Today, he succeeds his father in the management of the family-run business.

Time goes on and the company grows. In the early 2000’s, Catherine Poirier and David Poirier, Mr. Réal Poirier’s children, respectively join the team as an accountant and a mechanic.



The company takes a huge leap forward by moving out of the family’s garage in Ste-Madeleine that was originally built by Réal’s father, Mr. Roland Poirier. Transport Réal Poirier inc. purchases a new 140 000 sq/ft space in Mont Saint-Hilaire, near highway 20. The new offices and modern garage have become necessary to respond to the needs of an expanding client base.



Through the years, things have certainly evolved, but we have conserved our family values that made this transport company stand out because of the quality of the services provided, the available equipment and our workforce.

The company now owns about 30 units and hires more than 15 independent drivers.  These are the outlines of a family-owned company that takes transportation and their clients to heart,,,

It will be our pleasure to serve you!

849 chemin Benoit, Mont-St-Hilaire, Quebec, J3H 0L7 | 450 464-7070